High Pressure Tanning

What is High Pressure tanning and how is it different than traditional beds?

High pressure tanning equipment filters out virtually all of the UVB, leaving only the UVA light to tan you.

Why is this beneficial to me?

  1. Filtering out the UVB allows you to tan with a significantly reduced risk of overexposure.
  2. UVB causes you to exfoliate at a more rapid rate, making your tan disappear as this happens. High pressure beds are virtually pure UVA light, therefore you maintain your normal exfoliation rate, and once you have a base tan, need only tan once every 7-14 days to maintain your tan. No longer are you a slave to your tan!
  3. High pressure beds allow you to achieve a base tan in 3-5 sessions.

How often can I tan in a High Pressure bed?

A minimun of 48 hours is required between sessions.

How long is a session in the High Pressure bed?

The High Pressure bed is a maximum 30 minute session. This bed has lamps in the canopy and down one side. You lie on your back on the ultra comfortable mattress for half of your session time and when the timer alerts you to, you turn over onto your stomach and tan your other side.