Take the uncertainty out of sunless tanning with the VersaPro® Heated Sunless Spa Series. This cutting-edge technology gives you flawless results in the privacy of an automated spray tan booth. VersaPro® offers graduating levels of color, Cabana Tan includes the pH balancing prep treatment and hydration treatments that allow you to extend the life of your sunless tan.

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Sunless FAQ

How does sunless tanning work?

The active ingredients in the VersaPro sunless tanning solution are DHA & Erythrulose. DHA is a naturally derived ingredient, usually from beets or sugar cane and has long been used in the cosmetic industry for sunless tanning. The double ingredient solution (DHA & Erythrulose) piggy backs each other to provide long-lasting, natural results. Erythrulose also controls the DHA from producing that ‘orange’ colour that had plagued sunless tanners in the early years. Orange no more…VersaPro solution saves the day! These active ingredients work with your skin’s natural proteins, oxide and produce your flawless sunless tan. This process is similar to when you take a bit out of an apple and let it sit…it then oxidizes and becomes brown.

How long will it take to see results?

We offer 2 types of solution, clear and bronzer.
The bronzer solution contains instant, cosmetic bronzers and will show immediate temporary results while your long lasting develop. Both the clear and the bronzer solutions will develop to the same long lasting ich colour, any residual colour from the bronzer solution will wash off in the shower leaving just the long lasting tan. You will start to see colour gradually devloping in 2-4 hours, but you need to leave the solution on for 6-8 hours and optimally for the most depth of colour and longest lasting results, 12 hours.

What do I wear for my spray tan?

As you are in a private room you are welcome to wear whatever you want or don’t want! Tan lines are a personal choice, should you wish to wear your undergarments or a bathing suit for your VersaPro session please be sure to wear something you aren’t concerned about getting stained. While the solution is water soluble we wouldn’t want you to risk ruining your favorite expensive bikini!

How do I prepare for my VersaPro session?

To maximize your results you should shower and exfoliate your skin prior to your session, ideally 8 hours before. A simple gel body scrub (available for purchase at Cabana Tan) or a rough face cloth works well. If you are using a salt scrub or any exfoliator containing essential oils, please make sure you do this 24-48 hours prior to your session, as the oils can leave a residue on your skin and cause the sunless solution not to process optimally.

Skin should be clean and free of make up, deodorant and perfumes. Makeup can act as a barrier to the sunless solution and deodorant and perfumes can actually cause the very unwanted results of turning your armpits GREEN!

What about shaving or waxing?

Be sure to shave at least 8 hours prior to your session or wax 1-2 days before. Shaving and waxing too close to your session can cause a spotty appearance on your skin from your newly epilated hair follicles.

For post VersaPro sunless care, when you do shave, be sure to use a fresh, sharp blade to minimize the loss of your sunless results.

How long will my VersaPro Sunless tan last?

Results typically last 5-10 days, depending of how well you prepare your skin beforehand and how well you take care of your sunless tan after your session. Making sure to pat dry after you bath or shower, using a moisturizer – especially one containing a sunless tan extended, will greatly prolong the life of your tan. Cabana Tan carries a variety of sunless tan xtenders to help you keep you beautiful glow going strong.

What should I wear after my VersaPro?

Please bring dark, loose fitting clothing to wear after your session. This will prevent any transfer of colour to your clothes and minimize the effects of constricting clothing on your results.

Can I workout after my session and when can I shower?

You will need to put off that cardio sess or muscle pumping gym visit until after your VersaPro tan has fully processed and you have showered off the solution. You may shower in 6-8 hours, however 12 is optimal!

Will the VersaPro solution affect my hair?

No. The sunless solution only reacts with your skin, we also provide you with a cap to use during your session so that the solution doesn’t get in your hair and make it damp or sticky.

Do men use the VersaPro?

ABSOLUTELY! Wanting to look good and feel good isn’t just gender specific!

How long will my VersaPro session take?

You will be in and out within 20 minutes and on your way to a flawless VersaPro sunless tan.